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Since we started our closed loop at broadway market, we have started to see many more of our customers request and actually return back their empty and cleaned pots to close the loop, this is how we met Logan at MVF. 

On approaching the stand, we discussed the jackpot closed loop, its a no brainer why we're doing it, and we we're asked if we could supply MVF with jackpot closed loop in 1litre glass jars, yup, no problem.

We've been doing this now for well over 4 months, i know as i'm delivering the jars, in an electric car, 10-12 at a time ever two weeks. Why bother when the financial return is not so high, after all its only peanut butter, naturally if you have to ask this you're at the wrong peanut butter brand.

So let me spell this out: it takes one MVF to start building the chain, the more companies and people that close the loop, as we were doing 40-50 years ago, we might just be in with a chance, where ever you can and with who ever you buy from, recycle, keep a shopping bag on you, reuse at least 10 times what ever it takes, close the loop. 

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