#1 Jackpot motherfucking peanut butter 500g 'original, original'

#1 Jackpot motherfucking peanut butter 500g 'original, original'

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Where it all started. A little unruly, like the best kind of rock and roll. For those used to profanities at the breakfast table. It’s the original original, made on American machines in small batches: lucky you if you’ve got one. Probably the pot Iggy Pop would pick. 

Jackpot is an American peanut butter, created in the UK. Made with only natural ingredients: American runner peanuts, salt, rapeseed oil. Our peanuts are from Georgia and the Virginias.
Allergens in shown in bold

Typical values per 100g

Energy: 2522KJ/609kcal, Fat: 49.2g, Of which saturates: 7.9g, Of which mono saturates: 27.1g, Of which polyunsaturates: 11.8g, Carbohydrates: 9.4g, Of which sugars: 4.7g, Fibre: 8.6g, Protein: 27.9g, Salt: 0.4g

Our purpose, is to bring you the best product in a way that matters which, at the same time is beneficial to the target community. Our Social mission is to save independent grass roots music venues from closing down through our continued support of the Music Venue Trust and environmentally we are reducing waste through reusable packaging by partnering with TerraCycle’s ‘Loop’ distribution.
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Jackpot & Bourbon: (jack & jack)
You know we like you to reuse your pots, here's a simple recipe to do just that:
1: The little left of what you have of your jackpot at the bottom of the pot, about an inch, don't stir leave as it is.
2: Pour 4 shot glasses of your favourite bourbon into the pot (you know which one we mean).
3: Give it a little shake and leave for between 2-4 day.
4: Get a little excited every time you see the pot, it's starting to take a creamy jackpot peanut butter nutty flavour.
5: Tell your friends you have a surprise for them.
6: Have a sip just to check, we find the harsh bourbon kick is no longer there, its now a creamy smooth easy mellow bourbon with your favourite peanut butter to boot.
Please drink responsibly.



Jackpot peanut butter

Ginger biscuits/snaps


Push ginger biscuit delicately into pot of jackpot, try not to snap.

Lift out with a good portion of jackpot.

Open up


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