original original jackpot motherfucking peanut butter white T-shirt

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Jackpot’s humble origins started out as a fictional logo on a T-shirt of our skate brand APN (a public nuisance). Jackpot was never really supposed to exist, but then we thought: why not start making peanut butter to market the jackpot T-shirts…they both took off.

History of the T-shirt

Taking inspiration and some design sensibilities from bazooka joe bubble gum, Andy Warhol's 'bRILLO' box and finally the magic ingredient from Detroit punk-psychedelic-heavy-rock-performance art band 'Destroy All Monsters' track 'Peener Budder Mudder Fugger' from their Silver Wedding Anniversary album from 1996. 

100% organic cotton 

All cotton white classic T-shirt with the original jackpot peanut butter label logo on the front and 'once you go jack, you never go back' on reverse.

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