Our History

Before Jackpot

Life was all music, skateboarding and surf.


So in 2010 we launched APN apparel.

Ideas for tshirts and boards came from our love of music and american visual culture; MAD magazine, Destroy all monsters band Peener Budder Mudder Fugger, (Jim Davies T shirt photographed by Terry Richardson on vice magazine), Andy Warhol bRILLO and bazooka Joe bubble gum. That’s right, Jackpot was conceived as a t-shirt design, the peanut butter brand that was never meant to exist. It was like we’d produced the merch before forming the band.


After some early experiments with a little baby electric peanut grinder we traded up to a mom and pop store peanut butter machine, updated the logo and sold our first delivery to our friends at coffee shop and vintage furniture store ‘The Peanut Vendor’. The peanut butter took off selling in independent coffee shops around East London.

In September we created the Jackpot scratch off label because we weren’t exactly PG.


Jackpot officially launched, we created the infamous jackpot MFPB t-shirt and in April sold first jackpot skate deck…finally.

Steve Van Doren is seen with his finger in a pot of Jackpot MFPB – had we peaked too soon?


We partnered with The Music Venue Trust pledging our undying support for grassroots music. Jackpot starting popping up in more stores – Eat17, Harvey Nichols and in time for Christmas we launched ‘Jinglepot’ Jackpot flavour 2 (roasted chestnut). Festive.

2018 - part 1

2018 was the year of the collab: 

  • Cheeky Burger includes Jackpot into their Elvis burger, becomes their No1 Burger.
  • Hackney gelato launch Jackpot Gelato
  • Jackpot Peanut Butter Cherry Time ice cream sandwich / Collaboration with Yard Sale Pizza/happy endings ice cream

2018 - part 2

A couple of additions to the labels - MVT logo first appears on the pot, a donation from every pot sold is given to MVT and the American Peanut Council logo appears on the pot for the first time.

We saw Jackpot listed by Whole Foods Market but it was the hardest year and one of realisation… Jackpot could have gone under twice, but we never gave up!

We launch a new flavour, with a secret ingredient - it was a first in the UK. Having launched our own zero waste refill option at our Broadway Market stall we took the idea national by becoming the first peanut butter to be signed up for Terracycle’s reusable packaging ‘Loop’ brand. A big step in our sustainability journey and ambition for B-Corp status.

In March we received a letter from 10 Downing Street thanking us on behalf of the Prime Minister for her pot of Motherfucking Peanut Butter.

You know who loves Jackpot peanut butter as much as Prime Ministers? Cyclists, they can’t get enough so Jackpot pops up in Rapha, Spittalfields, oh and Ocado so that’s middle England covered.

2019 - part 2

New flavours are coming! Raspberry and Wasabi are confirmed with with two more tongue twisting flavours due for release by the end of the year.

And of course our quest for B-Corps status continues.

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