Nutritional info

Jackpot is an American peanut butter, created in the UK. Made with only natural ingredients:

  • American runner peanuts
  • Salt
  • Rapeseed oil.

All our peanut butters are created 100% vegan and produced with natural ingredients. 


Our peanuts are from Georgia and the Virginia’s and we are proud to be endorsed by the American Peanut Council. 

Allergens in Bold


Nutritional Information Per 100 g
Energy kcal 609
kJ 2522
Fats g 49.2
(of which saturates) g 7.9
(of which mono saturates) g 27.1
(of which poly saturates) g 11.8
Carbohydrates g 9.4
(of which sugars) g 4.7
Fibre g 8.6
Protein g 27.9
Salt g 0.4