Our Purpose

What started as fiction has turned into something stranger. A skate brand that makes peanut butter? We'll be honest: it wasn't our intention. But as with anything, things change. Ideas morph. People adjust.

And guess what? Peanut butter isn't going to change the world. So we start from the ground up. With two things very important to us.

Jackpot began as a t-shirt design for our skate brand APN. There we were shaping skateboards out of water skis. And encouraging more people to do it (skateboarding that is). It was about fun. And friendship. Still is. Whether you're watching it or doing it yourself. That's it. The DIY-ness of it all. That's what we're all about. That's why we support SkateboardGB.

Music runs deep. One of us worked at the Barfly. Another one of us played their first ever gig there. If you've heard of it, then we salute you. It inspired a sort of 'meet you at the front' feeling that you can only get in a small room full of strangers sharing a somewhat transcendental moment listening to their favourite band. A communal memory maker of sorts. That's why we support grassroots music by donating to the Music Venue Trust in the UK. And NIVA in the US.

So we were already rooted in music, skateboarding and subcultures. And when Jackpot emerged in peanut butter form, that carried through. Like we said, peanut butter isn’t going to change the world.

We’re here for the music. For the underdogs. For the independents. For the planet. We do what we can.