SkateboardGB aspires to create a strong, sustainable & successful skateboarding community by inspiring & enabling individuals to start, stay and succeed in skateboarding.

The growth of DIY and other skateable spaces over the last few years has been huge, with skateboarders dissatisfied with the often poor facilities available in their local area, creating their own spaces to skate by building ramps in disused areas of town and cities.

James Hope-Gill, CEO at Skateboard GB: “This is fantastic news for the skateboarding community, with a healthy food brand using its sales to help sustain the growth of DIY skateboard spaces around the UK. Last year we saw the largest growth in skateboarding participation in 20 years, so this has come a good time to help grow these type of facilities”.

Skateboard GB will receive a percentage of every product sold of Rough-Cut peanut butter by Jackpot, with the money providing funding for DIY and skateable spaces across the country.