Jackpot was originally created as a fictional peanut butter brand on a T-shirt in Hackney, London, in 2013 for skate company APN (A Public Nuisance), created by Rupert Leigh.  As the idea and brand recognition grew, Rupert decided that actually making peanut butter for real as a way to offer a great tasting nutritious product and at the same time generate support and donations to grassroots skate and music culture was the way forward.

The Jackpot vision is to support ‘the wellbeing of all the people, from our pot to the planet’. This means bringing you the best possible product, responsibly sourced and made, being transparent and honest, striving for zero waste, and doing good. At the same time we want to directly benefit our communities, and accomplish positive change together. By joining forces with strategic partners, we aim to make a bigger difference that we could have on our own. And needless to say, we want to have a lot of fun doing it, playing ore every day.

We want to

  • Offer healthy, nutritious and delicious peanut butter with new and surprising flavours, ingredients and textures.
  • Supporting wellbeing through healthy nutritious food products, healthy lifestyles, community connection and creative culture.
  • Innovate with our reusable and customizable packaging, partnering with our supply chain and customers towards creating a zero waste society.
  • Deliver social and community value by partnering with the Music Venue Trust and Skateboard GB and other value aligned partners, to support grassroots culture.
  • Create functional and xx apparel for everyday use, made from organic cotton and recycles polyester
  • Help create a movement in society where doing good is good business.