#10 jackpot x Loop reusable pot

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jackpot X Loop - our first innovation in sustainable reusable packaging.

A jackpot pot that can be used over 20 times means reducing use of landfill that causes harm to the nutrients in the soil meaning less negative impact on the environment as we only produce one for 20 others, meaning this is not a single use plastic pot its a many use plastic pot. 

There are many good alternatives for multiple use packaging, we chose Polypropylene as we weighed up the pro's and cons of the continued use: does it have less carbon foot print when transporting, is it less likely to shatter if dropped, can we print on the pot so no use of single use labels, is the lid air sealed so no single use 3 layer tamper proof seals but the tamper proof label we so use is that recycled paper, we found more positives. 

The materials differ for each product on Loop. For jackpot we decided on polypropylene, plastic yes, but one that through our trials means it does loop, its does not dent and with a certainty of not breaking or shattering. 

Available exclusively at Loop: jackpot Loop