Rough Cut Sweatshirt

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On this day, the 24th January 2021, you have not applied, you have been chosen to be non-other than a jackpot motherfucking peanut butter Ranger, why and what could this mean to you?

Before you stare into space & think of all the opportunities wearing this opens up, have a think about everyone else who may not be as fortunate and what you could do for them.

A JMPB Ranger is fun, creative, a dude, full of warmth and a champ of the highest standing.

Do remember, every day an opportunity that just might change the world is within your reach. I know you can do it you can do anything as a JMPB Ranger. Wear your uniform with pride, be considerate to others & share your peanut butter. Bill Hicks once said, ‘it’s just a ride’.